3 Vessel HERMS Brewery - Gas (assembled)



This three vessel brewery kit includes:

3 x 58L Keggles with 1/2 inch Ball valve Assemblies
1 x 2200 Watt Element
1 x IEC Cable for 2200w Element
1 x 14m Immersion Chiller
2 x 12.7mm Stainless Compression Fitting
1 x Bi-Metal Weldless Thermometer
1 x Magnetic Drive Pump
1 x Temperature Controller
3 x 1m of Silicon Tube
1 x Stainless Thermowell
1 x High Pressure 3 Leg Burner with Regulator
7 x Female Quick Disconnect to 13mm Barb
3 x Male Quick Disconnect to 1/2 BSP Male
3 x Male Quick Connect to 1/2 BSP Female
1 x 30cm False Bottom
1 x 1/2 inch Ball Valve 
1 x 13mm Stainless Barb to 1/2 BSP Female
2 x Keggle Lids
6 x Stepless Clamps 20.5mm
1 x New Zealand Wood Mash Paddle
1 x Hop Spider

You will also need:
- Your own BBQ gas cylinder
- A stainless bench (this was $150 from bunnings as shown in photo)
- Some garden hose to attach to a female quick disconnect for use when chilling the wort in the kettle

Please click here for assembly instructions

Brief Introduction
This system is designed with 3 x 58L keggles so you can brew a batch of beer that is up to 50L in size.

The 3 keggles are:
1. HLT (hot liquor tank) - Includes 2200 watt heating element which is controlled using the Temperature Controller. Includes ball valve and thermowell .
2. Mash Tun - with 30cm false bottom, ball valve, 3” temperature dial and ball valve
3. Kettle – Includes stainless ball valve

How to use your 3 Vessel HERMs Brewery
Step 1 – Heat Strike Water
Preheat water in HLT (approximately 75-80C).
Step 2 – Mash
Transfer water from HLT to the Mash Tun using the pump to begin mash. Once your at your desired level of strike water add your grains and stir thoughly with the Mash Paddle ensuring there are no dough balls.
Step 3 – Recirculate Mash/Step Mash
Use the pump to recirculate the wort through the 14 Immersion Chiller which you sit in the HLT. Ensure the HLT is at least 50% full so there is enough hot water to use as a heat exchanger and for use as your sparge water. The recirculation process will enable you to heat up the mash tun or maintain temperature, it will also help to clear your wort.
Step 4 – Sparge
Use the pump to pump hot water from HLT to the Mash Tun. While the hot water is entering the mash tun open the ball valve on the mash tun and using gravity drain your wort into the Kettle, try to keep the flow out of the mash tun appoximately the same as the flow into the mash tun.
Step 5 –  Boil
After you have collected the desired amount of wort into your kettle fire up the burner, add hops and other additions as per your recipe.
Step 6 – Chill
Place the immersion chiller into the kettle with 15 minutes left in your boil to sterilise the chiller. Attach garden hose to chiller and start flow of cold tap water. Stir the kettle to accellerate the cooling process.
Step 7 - Add to fermenter
Using the pump trasfer your wort into your cleaned and sanitised Fermenter

Note: Does not include the Stainless Bench

If you are ordering this Brewery for delivery then you will need to install the ball valves, thermowell and heating element as we cannot ship with these fitted, we will drill all the holes and connect all the fittings except for making the hoses as you may wish to make them to the lengths you require depending on your bench.
If you are picking up from our store in Springvale then all these items will be fitted for you.

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