S-33 Yeast 15g OVERSIZED BAG (INGREDIENTS: 100% Fermentis/Safbrew S-33)

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General purpose ale yeast with neutral flavor profiles. Its low attenuation gives beers with a very good length on the palate. Particularly recommended for specialty ales and trappist type beers. Yeast with a good sedimentation: forms no clumps but a powdery haze when resuspended in the beer

The ingredients of this bag is 100% Fermentis dry yeast. It has been packaged in over sized 15 gram bags which is not a standard package size from Fermentis. This re-packed size has been done outside of the Fermentis factory and is specifically done for Keg King customers only and is packaged in Australia in foil lined bags and vacuum sealed bags. After numerous tests Keg King have found that the over sized 15gram packs give better results than the traditional 11gram packs from Fermentis.
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