Glass Washing Drip Tray

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In order to serve draft beer at its best, it is important that the glassware is free of dust, debris and dishwashing soap.
Having a pre-wet glass and chilling the glass with a cold rinsing get ensures you get the best possible results every time.
These glass washing drip trays to exactly that and ensure your beer is served to perfection every time.
The jet at the middle of the drip try can be fed by cold tap water. Ideally water is run through Icemaster 225 or other type of water chiller underneath the bar.

- Made with quality 304 grade stainless steel and excellent craftsmanship
- Glass rinsing jet which should be fed with water at 1-4 bar pressure
- Drainage hole where 13mm ID tubing can be attached and plumed into your nearest drain hole.
- Size: 46cm x 18cm x 3cm deep

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