Keg King Guten 70L Brewery System

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Keg King Guten 70L Brewery System

Single Vessel Brewing with increased batch size capacity for producing 60+ litres with plenty of kettle headspace during the boil process.

Our 70L Brewey System requires 15Amp. These all stainless steel brewing systems have many improved features that brewers will enjoy:

  • Locking, sturdy, removeable bottom malt pipe screens

  • Telescopic overflow pipes

  • Drainage feet in three positions on the malt pipe for easier lifting using natural boyancy

  • Kettle sight glass to ensure brewers hit their preboil volumes

  • E-Type Camlock to Flexible High Temp Silicone Tubing for pump return

  • Lid with silicone gasket and central 47mm Hole for distillation equpment mount 

  • Kettle mounted lid clamps

  • Malt Pipe handle with contour for using a pulley to lift (pulley not included)

  • 18kg max grain capacity 

The 70L system comes standard with:

  • SS immersion chiller

  • Hop Spider

  • Ball Valve with 13mm Barb 

  • Bazooka Screen for ball valve

  • spare pump elbow

  • integrated SST circulation pipe with SST valve for regulating flow speed

  • integrated magnetic drive pump, can be operated separately

  • programmable controller with digital display

  • programme up to 9 brewing steps and up to 9 hop additions

  • alarm/reminder function & manual override function

  • memory for saving up to 9 recipes

  • temperature range: 25 – 100°C; division: 0.1°C

  • clear LCD screen

  • 3 year parts warranty

Brewery System Dimensions:

800mm High

42mm Wide across Lid

58mm Wide between Handles


  • power: 15A 3000W adjustable from 100 to 3,000 W, in 100 W increments

  • Fitted with 15amp cord and AU standard plug (requires 15amp socket)

Updated Instruction Manual Available HERE



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