Sprayball Stainless Steel

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These Stainless Steel Sprayballs are excellent for delivering turbulent sheeting on internal brewing surfaces including fermentors, kegs and carboys. The rotating head of the sprayball provides a powerful cutting spray of cleaner or sanitiser that will aid in the removal of beerstone and post fermentation debris on plastic, glass or metal fermenter surfaces.

The Sprayballs are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel to be chemically compatible with most cleaners and sanitisers. The base of the spray ball is female 1/2 Inch BSP. 

To be effective, these sprayballs should be used as directed, including:

  • Pump flow rate requirements to achieve turbulent sheeting

    • 42 litres/minute on 1/2 BSP fittings

    • 47 litres/minute on 3/4 BSP fittings

  • CIP cycle times

    • 10 - 20 minutes for cleaning

    • 5 minutes for rinsing

    • 10 minutes for sanitation

Great for cleaning a variety of our other brewing gear, including:

    • Fermentasaurus  Gen 1

    • Fermentasaurus Snub Nose

    • Glass Carboys

    • 19L Corny kegs

    • 9.5L Corny kegs

    • 50L commercial kegs

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